People looking for new games to play online will occasionally stumble across a game called Domino Qiu Qiu. A game that can be played either as a way to gamble or just as a game you enjoy playing with your family and friends.

What is Domino Qiu Qiu? — Domino Qiu Qiu originated in Indonesia where it is played with dominoes or domino cards.

Nowadays, the game is not played as much offline as it used to be as Indonesian authorities have become extremely strict about gambling.

Of course, some people play Domino Qiu Qiu without gambling on the game but, in a country with laws as strict as Indonesia’s, it sometimes makes sense not to play the game at all for fear of being accused of gambling.

Those that do still play have often moved online where it is much easier to hide what you are doing by using a VPN when you access the Internet.

How is Domino Qiu Qiu played? — Each game is played with 38 dominoes, and three dominoes are dealt to each player when a game begins. Once the dominoes have been dealt, the players evaluate their cards to see if they are able to create a ranked hand.

Each person then plays in turn by betting, calling, raising or folding. This is done very similarly to how a poker player would play poker.

If only one person decides to bet, the end of the first round is the end of the game. The person who bet then wins the pot and another hand is dealt.

The winner can choose to either reveal his hand or keep it hidden, although most players will choose to hide the dominoes they had.

If more than one person bets another round is played with every player that decided not to fold being dealt another domino. Bets are placed again, with a higher betting limit allowed for the second round.

The end of the second round is played differently than if the game had finished at the end of the first round. In this case, each person must reveal the dominoes they are holding and the winner is then declared.

Where can you play Domino Qiu Qiu? — If you are in Indonesia and know people that play it, you can play with them. In that instance, though, unless you have access to an illegal gambling hall, which is not recommended, you can only play Domino Qiu Qiu without gambling on the game.

This is why your best bet is to play the game online at one of the Situs Judi Online casinos offering it. Some of these casinos are Indonesian-owned, while others are regular style casinos that have just chosen to add Domino Qiu Qiu due to demand for the game.