When you first begin playing poker online (like idn poker), you may be surprised at just how many key differences there actually are in the game. Especially when, for all intents and purposes, it is the same game you are playing.


Here are some of the key differences to expect if you have not yet started playing poker online, so you are ready for it to be much different than playing poker live.


The speed of the game — Online poker is played at a much faster speed than offline poker. This means you will be able to play many more hands during the same time period, which will maximize your chances of winning more games.


A higher variance rate — One thing many people are not expecting when starting to play poker online is how much higher of a variance rate they experience.


This is due to playing so many more hands, and because the average player online is so much better than those you will play against offline. This means while the variance may not necessarily be any higher, because you automatically win less it affects your win rate much more.


More experienced players — If you want to be able to play against players that are extremely experienced and skilled, then playing online is the way to do it.


There are far more players online as it is, but many of them also have skills that are higher than anyone else’s you have played against. If you want a challenge as well as practice, these are the people you should be playing.


Gameplay is more aggressive — If you would like to play a more aggressive style of poker, then playing online is definitely a good choice for you.


Players online tend to be much more aggressive overall and, if you cannot return their gameplay with an aggressive stance of your own, you will struggle to win.


Opening rates are smaller — You may also be surprised to see opening rates online are often quite a bit smaller than offline.


Do not let that fool you, however, as players are even more serious about their game and will fight aggressively even for those small pots.


Downswings can be much longer online — As you will play many more hands online than off, once you get into a downswing they can go on much longer before an upswing occurs.


This can be depressing for some players as they feel they are just throwing away money they should not have even bet. Stick with it, however, the downswing will eventually end and you may find yourself on an upswing that lasts a lot longer as well.


All of this is due to their being a much higher variance rate online than off but, if you continue playing, you will often discover your win rates are still higher.