If you want to begin betting on American football on gambling platforms like https://sbobet.blog/, there are a few tips that, if you follow them, you could do better than you might expect.

Do not place bets based on favoritism — In other words, do not bet on your favorite football team just because they are your favorite team. This can blind you to other outcomes, and could leave you losing far more than you win.

Home-field or away advantage — Research every team you place bets on, and know whether they tend to do better with a home game or one that is played away.

Too many football gamblers ignore the home-field or away advantage. Yet it can have a huge impact on the outcome of a game. Remember, some teams are simply not good travelers, while others love to travel and love to play in other cities. Make sure you take that into consideration when placing a bet, and you will quickly see your success rate improve.

Know about the injuries — Injured players have a big impact on the outcome of a game. Especially if some of them are the team’s big stars.

Keep an eye on injury reports, which are easily accessible online, and place your bets dependent on what you find out.

Monitor the odds — The odds will change throughout a week or two in the lead up to a match. You should know if it is worth your while waiting to place a bet on a specific match until all the blind betters have finished placing theirs, or if you should grab good odds early and hope they do not get any better.

Understand head-to-head match ups — There are rivalries in American football between different teams and different coaches. These can have a huge impact on a game’s outcome, and you should know this going into the game.

Before you place any bets on any upcoming game, be sure to check known rivalries between coaches, and specifically look for the teams in the upcoming game.

A rivalry between the coach of the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers coach could cause problems in a game you may not be aware of. Educate yourself about this possibility, and then place your bets depending on what you find out.

Study the wins and losses history of teams — Go back several years and look at all the wins and losses of every team you will be betting on. By spending a few hours doing this, you can often come to a decision about your bets you may not have come to before. Particularly if you suddenly find out one team has a much better win history than you thought, or vice versa.


These top tips for betting on American football are not all of them, but they will get you started in betting on the game.