One of the keys to becoming a successful online poker player is the ability to correctly interpret the playing styles of your opponents. Correctly understanding your opponents proclivities by paying strict attention is critical if you want to succeed. Two of the basic playing styles are tight aggressive and loose aggressive.

Tight Aggressive

A tight aggressive player usually doesn’t play a lot of pots. They are selective and only play when they have an excellent starting hand. They have no fear when it comes to betting, wait for an opportunity and have patience. They are often referred to as sharks because their style is generally effective. Many players will fold when their opponent uses this style because they assume they have the winning hand.

Loose Aggressive

The loose aggressive player plays numerous types of hands, raises and re-raises often and frequently places bets on flops. They are incredibly hard to read since they use a wide variety of different types of hands. They bluff frequently, overplay their hands and treat their chips as weapons.

The Best Playing Style

For most players the most profitable style is tight aggressive. The discipline and patience required pay off. They play higher quality hands than loose aggressive players and are able to make decisions regarding post-flops easier. The biggest disadvantage is a player may feel cramped. This style does not give the player a lot of action and can cause them to play too tight. Loose aggressive can be effective since other players have difficulty reading them. The problem is they continually bluff and raise on almost all hands played. This can cause them to take a lot of losses.

The Personality

The style of play a person chooses will work best when it suits their personality. Although there are always players who are successful going against their type most players will style their play with their personality. When you choose a style that goes against your nature it can be difficult to commit to being tight aggressive or loose aggressive.

The Adjustments

Both styles can result in an excellent poker player but they often must be adjusted according to the other players. The unwritten rule is if your opponents are all playing a tight game your strategy should be to loosen up. The same holds true in reverse if your opponents are all loose. The most important factor is close observation of the individual online players. You style of play must be able to adapt to individual situations.

Tight And Loose Aggressive

The best poker (or bandar ceme) player can effectively switch between the two styles when necessary. This helps prevent other players from being able to successfully read you and this will give you a critical edge. Experience will teach you the strategies that work best for your style and personality. Trying different types of play will enable you to learn which one works best for your personality type. The best poker players are able to consistently switch their strategy to suit their style and the strategies of the other players.