If you play online poker, and have been playing for a while, you have probably developed a certain style. If you are not particularly successful at winning, however, you may be wondering if the style you decided to play with is the right one for you.

In poker online indonesia, most people play with an LAG or a TAG style. Both of these styles have positives and negatives associated with them. That is why it is up to you to decide which would work better for you with your particular skills and personality.

What are LAG and TAG styles? — These are abbreviations to describe the loose-aggressive style of playing (LAG), and the tight-aggressive way of playing (TAG).

What is an LAG style of play in online poker? — LAG stands for loose-aggressive, and means that you play poker aggressively, but with many hands and with very little regard for what is actually happening in the game. You bet and raise without really thinking about it, but instead just go with your gut feeling about how the game is progressing. You also tend not to fold when folding would be your best option.

With an LAG style, if you do win, you can often win big as you tend to have a much more aggressive play style than your opponents, or than the online poker AI you are playing against. The problem comes in, however, when you are too aggressive and keep on playing when you should not, as that usually means you will lose big as well.

What is a TAG style of play? — A TAG style stands for tight-aggressive, and this means you are a player that plays only a few hands, and watches very carefully as the game progresses. When you do play, however, you tend to be very aggressive with your betting and raising decisions.

In most cases, the TAG style in online poker is the winning style, and most people who win big play with this style.

Why is the TAG style the one that wins the most? — Simply because online poker requires a good player to be both patient but also aggressive when the time is right.

By watching carefully as the game progresses, the TAG player is able to do both.

Which style should you use? — It actually makes more sense when it comes to deciding on an online poker style strategy to play with both styles. Depending on what is currently happening in the game at that particular moment.

Sticking to one style can hamper you when there is a need for the opposite way of playing, and can cause you to lose the game.

The best online poker player will be somewhere in the middle of all styles, but will go towards one particular play style as the game progresses and as he sees where it is heading. That is the time when a player goes for the win.

As a player, you can often see the exact moment other players make the decision to change playing styles as well, which can also help you guess what type of hand they are holding and how much of a chance they think they have of winning.