If moving up in online poker stakes is important to you, then here are a few things you can do to move up faster than you expect.

Managing and building on your bankroll — The ability to be able to afford the higher stakes tables is often the main thing stopping new players from moving on.

Manage your bankroll tightly, however, and build it the longer you play online poker, and you will soon have the money to move up.

Win more often — You can win more often at the lower stakes tables, thus allowing you to be able to afford to move up, by not playing weak hands. Most weak hands will never be winnable. Limit your plays of them, and you will quickly see your bankroll grow.

Improve your self-confidence — Self-confidence, or lack of it, is the motivator for why many people never move up into the higher stakes rooms.

Improve your self-confidence by congratulating yourself when you win, and not beating yourself up when you do not. Over time, you will usually notice you win more, and your self-confidence soars.

Improve your online poker plays — Improving your skills will allow you to move up much quicker, and allow you to compete well when you get to the higher stakes tables.

Start watching YouTube videos on how to improve your poker online Indonesia skills. Buy books, read websites and take an online poker course. Within just a month of doing this, you could see your poker skills improve so much that you are quickly outplaying everyone in the lower stakes rooms.

Moving up in online poker is often nothing more than needing the money to be able to do so, and having the self-confidence. Improve both of these, and you will be able to move up in online poker faster than you expect.