Kartu qq is a popular form of dominos in Indonesia. You can also refer it to as 99 domino poker. Players use a set of 28 double-six dominos to play kartu qq. It is in the form of small cards, which players often discard once they show signs of wear and tear. However, players must put a fixed amount of ante into the pot before they are given three domino cards.

Rules of the Game

A player may either bet, fold, call, or raise after evaluating their cards. If there was only one player in the first round, the player doesn’t have to show his or her cards to end the game. Otherwise, the dealer gives out the fourth card to all players who did not drop out of the game. That comes as the second and final betting round. However, both the first and second betting rounds are subject to limits. The higher limit goes to the second round of betting. All players who didn’t fold after the end of the final round of betting must declare their hand and expose their cards. In turn, the pot is taken by the player with the highest hand. Players are allowed to place cards in pairs and can even sum up pips on each pair. A kiu is the highest possible pair in 99 dominos poker. Players organize pairs in such a way that the higher pair is compared first followed by the second one. Only three hands are ranking above a pair of qiu-qiu, which include four double dominoes, low total pips equal to or below qiu-qiu, and high total pips equal to or above 38 pips. However, the rules of the game may vary these numbers. The fourth hand ranks above all other non-special hands, but below qiu-qiu. Straight refers to dominoes with consecutive pip totals. However, the straight hand could also be declared as kiu-5 depending on the rules of the house. The case of three doubles is an exception to the regulations of paring hands. Players can consider this as a qiu-qiu while the fourth card as alone.

How to Play

The player with the higher hand is considered the winner if two players have two pairs with the same value or straight hand. On the other hand, the highest straight is the one with the higher double if neither of the players has a double. Players can apply either their bluffing tactics or mathematics to determine when to fold or place a bet. For example, a player with three doubles after the first round of betting already has a qiu-qiu hand. Such a player has a higher chance to draw qiu-qiu or fourth double and should never drop out of the game. Conversely, a player with a combination of 4-1 (5), 3-2 (5), and 5-4 (9) can improve to qiu-four. Such players are likely to lose the hand if there are many players in the game. Moreover, the best that these players can do is to hope to steal the pot after the other players resolve to fold the game.