Domino Qiu Qiu, also called, domino Kiu Kiu is a popular form of dominoes in South East Asia, notably in Indonesia. The deeply emotive game is also referred to as, the 99 domino poker in many online gambling platforms.

Basic Rules

99 domino poker is played using 28 sets of double-six domino cards. In the first round, each player gets three small domino cards. Depending on the cards dealt, players either make a call, place a bet, raise the stakes of the ongoing bet, or, decide to fold. If only a single bet gets placed in the first round, the betting player walks away with the winnings. Alternatively, provided no player folded in the first round, then each player gets an extra domino card.


Domino Qiu ends when the last person to fold expose and declares their cards. The remaining pairs of cards each player holds are summed. The unit digit of the total of the card pairs is considered. For instance, a total of 34 equals 4, and 29 equals 9. Card pairs ending with the digit 9 make up the highest possible pair possible, or what is referred to as a kiu kiu. The player with the highest kiu kiu is the overall winner.

In domino Qiu Qiu there are four other special hands that rank higher than above the pair of nines. These special hands are:-

  1. If the total pips sums up to 38 or above
  2. If the total of the four dominoes is less than or equal to 9
  3. If the four remaining dominoes happen to doubles
  4. If the total pips are below kiu-kiu, but above all above three special hands

Top Domino Qiu Qiu Moves

It takes a concerted research effort, lots of patience and passion to turn into a proficient domino Qiu Qiu player. After mastering the basic rules, you’ll have to learn a number of vital tricks on how best to outwit the opponents. Here are some exceptional 99 domino tidbits guaranteed to drastically improve your game in weeks.

Stay Focused

It is prudent to pay close attention to the movement of the cards as the game progresses. That way, you stand a better chance of knowing when your opponents are bluffing.

Playing Safe

As a newbie, it is highly advisable you stick to playing in small tables. Avoid the allure of playing against many opponents even though it comes with the promise of huge winnings. As a beginner, place modest bets as you familiarize yourself with the new table. If you find yourself losing more than 5 times in a row, it is advisable to switch tables.

Learn from Mistakes

Mistakes and blunders are always common, especially for the dominoqqiu beginners. Try and learn from the previous mistakes to continually improve your tactics and skills in future games.

Try Free Games

As a newbie, always stick to the free domino Qiu playing sessions. Just find a reputable online casino to create your member account. Then, get to enjoy endless rounds of this form of domino game without spending any of your cash. Once you build up enough confidence, start placing real wages against other online competitors