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What are the key differences between playing poker live vs online

When you first begin playing poker online (like idn poker), you may be surprised at just how many key differences there actually are in the game. Especially when, for all intents and purposes, it is the same game you are playing.


Here are some of the key differences to expect if you have not yet started playing poker online, so you are ready for it to be much different than playing poker live.


The speed of the game — Online poker is played at a much faster speed than offline poker. This means you will be able to play many more hands during the same time period, which will maximize your chances of winning more games.


A higher variance rate — One thing many people are not expecting when starting to play poker online is how much higher of a variance rate they experience.


This is due to playing so many more hands, and because the average player online is so much better than those you will play against offline. This means while the variance may not necessarily be any higher, because you automatically win less it affects your win rate much more.


More experienced players — If you want to be able to play against players that are extremely experienced and skilled, then playing online is the way to do it.


There are far more players online as it is, but many of them also have skills that are higher than anyone else’s you have played against. If you want a challenge as well as practice, these are the people you should be playing.


Gameplay is more aggressive — If you would like to play a more aggressive style of poker, then playing online is definitely a good choice for you.


Players online tend to be much more aggressive overall and, if you cannot return their gameplay with an aggressive stance of your own, you will struggle to win.


Opening rates are smaller — You may also be surprised to see opening rates online are often quite a bit smaller than offline.


Do not let that fool you, however, as players are even more serious about their game and will fight aggressively even for those small pots.


Downswings can be much longer online — As you will play many more hands online than off, once you get into a downswing they can go on much longer before an upswing occurs.


This can be depressing for some players as they feel they are just throwing away money they should not have even bet. Stick with it, however, the downswing will eventually end and you may find yourself on an upswing that lasts a lot longer as well.


All of this is due to their being a much higher variance rate online than off but, if you continue playing, you will often discover your win rates are still higher.

How to play Texas Hold’em Poker like a pro

The Terms

There are a few terms and phrases used that you may need to know if you want to understand what is going on. If you want to know the basics, the most four common terms are “Check” (no betting), “Call” (bet the same as the previous bet), “Raise” (increase the current bet), and “Fold” (quit for that round).

Dealing the Cards and Betting

First, everyone at the table is dealt two cards that only they are allowed to see before the opening bet. The player left of the dealer is the first to bid the minimum opening bid. Then, going clockwise around the table, each player after that can call, raise, or fold. A player cannot check when a previous player has placed a bet; only call, raise, or fold. If a player has made or raised a bet, all players must either call or fold until the current betting amount has been acknowledged by each player at the table. The betting is done when the highest bet has been met or refused.

The Flop

After the opening bets, the dealer places three cards in the center of the table, face-up; this is called the Flop. Then, the second round of betting begins.

The Turn

Next, the dealer then flips over one more card in the center; this round is called the Turn. The third round of betting begins.

The River

The final round, aka the River, is when the dealer takes the last card and places it beside the other 4. The final betting round starts, aka the Showdown. This is the last chance to check, bet, call, raise, or fold. Once the betting is done, the Showdown begins.

The Showdown

After comparing their hands with the community cards, each player determines their ranking. The highest-ranking determines the winner of the pot, the bets. The official judi online poker rankings:

Royal or Straight Flush

Royal: Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 (all of the same suit- superior to Straight)

Straight: Five cards in sequence (all of the same suit)

Four of a Kind

All four of the same card. (ex. four 1’s, four 2’s, etc.)

Full House

Three of one card and two of another. (ex. three 5’s and two Aces)


Five cards of the same suit (not in a sequence)


Five cards in a sequence (not in the same suit)

Three of a kind

Three of one card (ex. three 7’s, three Jack’s, etc.)

Two Pair

Two of two different cards (ex. two Queens and two 4’s)

One pair

Two of one card (ex. two 3’s, two 9’s, etc.)

High card

The highest card in the player’s hand.

Top tips for betting on American football

If you want to begin betting on American football on gambling platforms like, there are a few tips that, if you follow them, you could do better than you might expect.

Do not place bets based on favoritism — In other words, do not bet on your favorite football team just because they are your favorite team. This can blind you to other outcomes, and could leave you losing far more than you win.

Home-field or away advantage — Research every team you place bets on, and know whether they tend to do better with a home game or one that is played away.

Too many football gamblers ignore the home-field or away advantage. Yet it can have a huge impact on the outcome of a game. Remember, some teams are simply not good travelers, while others love to travel and love to play in other cities. Make sure you take that into consideration when placing a bet, and you will quickly see your success rate improve.

Know about the injuries — Injured players have a big impact on the outcome of a game. Especially if some of them are the team’s big stars.

Keep an eye on injury reports, which are easily accessible online, and place your bets dependent on what you find out.

Monitor the odds — The odds will change throughout a week or two in the lead up to a match. You should know if it is worth your while waiting to place a bet on a specific match until all the blind betters have finished placing theirs, or if you should grab good odds early and hope they do not get any better.

Understand head-to-head match ups — There are rivalries in American football between different teams and different coaches. These can have a huge impact on a game’s outcome, and you should know this going into the game.

Before you place any bets on any upcoming game, be sure to check known rivalries between coaches, and specifically look for the teams in the upcoming game.

A rivalry between the coach of the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers coach could cause problems in a game you may not be aware of. Educate yourself about this possibility, and then place your bets depending on what you find out.

Study the wins and losses history of teams — Go back several years and look at all the wins and losses of every team you will be betting on. By spending a few hours doing this, you can often come to a decision about your bets you may not have come to before. Particularly if you suddenly find out one team has a much better win history than you thought, or vice versa.


These top tips for betting on American football are not all of them, but they will get you started in betting on the game.

These popular games in online casinos will give you weeks of fun

The most popular games in online casinos are popular for a reason. There tend to be thousands of opportunities to play them, they are easy to play and are a lot of fun.

What is even more interesting about the most popular games in online casinos (for example togel online terpercaya) is that most of them have been that popular for years. Read on to find out why.


Slot machine games — The slots are easy to learn, as they just require you to hit a button and watch the wheels on the slot machine spin. When the spinning stops, a row of symbols will appear. If any of those symbols match other symbols on the screen, you win.


With modern-day slot machines online, there are up to 20 win lines that stop at one time. This gives you 20 opportunities to win with one spin. No wonder the slots are so popular.


Video poker — Video poker has become very popular in online casinos, as it does not require players to play against anyone else. Instead, it is just you against the machine.


A game of video poker goes very similarly to an offline game of poker, in that you are dealt cards, you choose to pick up or discard cards and you win money if you end up with one of the winning combinations.


Roulette — Roulette is a popular game in online casinos as it is one people are very familiar with. Particularly as it has shown up on so many movies.


It just requires you to place chips on a square that is consistent with a number on the Roulette wheel. When the wheel begins to spin, a ball spins around the wheel. When the wheel eventually stops, and the ball falls into a numbered hole, if your chips are placed on that number you win.

How to Make a Good Bet on a Soccer Game

Betting on a Draw

Betting on a 0-0 score is an often overlooked tactic when it comes to soccer betting strategy. While a draw is not the most common of sports events, this can be a profitable bet during a game with two evenly matched teams. The pay out of this bet can be between 8/1 and 20/1, which is incredibly lucrative. Having knowledge of the game and the teams competing helps this strategy be more useful. In addition, if you can, place this bet t half-time, where there is still no score. This will increase your chances of winning tremendously.

Shop Around for Bookkeepers

Not all bookkeepers for soccer betting have the same rates. While loyalty is often emphasized, it can be beneficial to look around for better rates for the bets that you want to make. There are several online resources that allow you compare what other judi online betting agencies are offering, so you can be sure to get the best deal. In addition to this, there are also agencies that will have loyalty programs in place to help keep customers. Depending on how often you bet and what you bet on, these can be either completely worthless or incredibly lucrative. Regardless, it is definitely something that is worth checking out for future reference. Even once you find a bookkeeper that you like, don’t stop checking other prices periodically.

Consider Betting on Things Other than the Match

While the most common way to bet on soccer games is better on the outcome of the match itself, there are other ways. For instance, consider betting on a single player to score a goal, which can still have a decent payout. Or, you can bet on which team will be first to score, but not necessarily which one will win. Beyond that, you could also bet on the amount of corner kicks, the amount of red and yellow flags, or the amount of total shots taken on goal. There are nearly endless possibilities in this avenue, all of which have the potential for big wins.

Don’t Bet with your Emotions

Betting with your heart is a surefire way to lose money. Just because you love your team does not mean that they will win. For this reason, it may be best to just not bet on teams that you love at all, as it can be difficult to not let emotion cloud your judgement. Also consider avoiding special games, such as exhibition matches, all-star games, derbies, and the like. Players often behave differently for these types of matches than they would for traditional ones, making them more difficult to predict in the long run. Overall, stick to normal games and teams that are not too close to your heart. At least, in the beginning. And, don’t forget to have fun!